DSCN6563.jpg Restaurant

Restaurant was designed in an open airy Feng-Shui style. You can observe the mountain panorama over a cup of tea or coffee. The combination of dark wood and light sandstone will make you feel like in the nature. And if you prefer sitting outdoors, you can stay at the terrace.


DSCN6575.jpg Our special offer is a wide variety of soft drinks and alcohol-free beers. Another speciality is a thick whipped fruit drink called “smoothie”, home made hot chocolate with raspberries, herbal tea from our own production or coffee with an linghzi extract (linghzi or reishi is a mushroom used in traditional chinese medicine). As we believe it is best to assimilate what the nature around us offers us with a “clear head”, we do not serve alcoholic drinks. We hope that we will be able to compensate the “disadvantage” with a nice, clean atmosphere and a friendly staff of people who like what they do.